Dating hypnosis techniques

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Liebeault believed that the phenomena of hypnosis were psychological and disregarded theories of magnetism.

He studied the similarities between sleep and trance, and saw hypnosis as a state that could be produced by suggestion.

As a hypnotherapist I have found that some people assume hypnosis is a recent innovation of the New Age movement, which spread through metaphysical communities in the 1970s and 1980s.

Actually, hypnosis has been used in the United States since the mid-1800s, and was advanced by pioneers of modern psychology like Sigmund Freud, Pierre Janet, and Alfred Binet among others.

Faria proposed that it was not magnetism or the power of the hypnotist that was responsible for trance and healing, but a power generated from within the mind of the subject.

Faria’s approach was the basis for the clinical and theoretical work of the French school of hypnosis-centered psychotherapy known as the Nancy School, or the School of Suggestion.

Unfortunately, despite thorough scientific research and wide clinical use, some people are scared off needlessly by the stigma that hypnosis is a mystical or esoteric procedure.Followers of Puysegur and the Paracelsus-Mesmer fluidism theory called themselves “Experimentalists.” The work of Mesmer and the Experimentalists was a step in the right direction to recognize that the cures they observed came not from a magnet or object, but from some other force.The Power of Suggestion – Faria, Liebeault, Bernheim, and the Nancy School In 1813, an Indo-Portuguese priest known as Abbe Faria conducted research on hypnosis in India, and returned to Paris to study hypnosis with Puysegur.Sigmund Freud also studied hypnosis with Charcot and later observed Bernheim, and Liebeault.Freud began practicing hypnosis in 1887, and hypnosis was crucial to his invention of psychoanalysis.

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