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But perhaps the greatest blocking point to financial planning software innovation is that few new providers have really taken an innovative and differentiated vision of what financial planning software can and should be…

The challenge, however, is that to get paid for a financial plan, the rigor of the financial planning analysis had to stand as a value unto itself, beyond just demonstrating a product need.

One of the easiest ways for financial advisors to show clear value in today’s environment is through proactive income tax planning strategies, as real-dollar tax savings can easily more-than-offset most or all of a comprehensive financial planning fee.

Yet unfortunately, most financial planning software today is very weak when it comes to detailed income tax planning, especially when considering the impact of income taxes.

The birth of goals-based financial planning software made it much easier for financial planners who wanted to just focus on a particular goal – most commonly, retirement – to create a financial plan around just that goal.

Accordingly, the software was especially popular amongst the independent RIA community (which operates on an AUM model and is primarily paid for demonstrating a need to save and accumulate assets for retirement), along with retirement-planning-centric broker-dealers and insurance companies.

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and thus was the rise of e Money Advisor, which was also founded in 2000 but really gained traction in the 2010s as account aggregation tools like made consumers (and financial advisors) increasingly aware of the value and virtue of continuously tracking and updating a household’s net worth and cash flows…

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