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“The few people that everyone was writing off an expendable mounted the response forged in New York and San Francisco by gay men and drug users and their supporters has changed the [world’s response].“ “Part of it is acknowledging and honoring and appreciating the contributions that long-term survivors have made to the improvement in HIV medication, the policies we have and basically everything we have today for people living with HIV and AIDS,” Louie added.Sawyer was diagnosed with AIDS in the mid-80s, he lost his partner to the illness and he watched his social circle disappear as a result of what was then seen as a death sentence.“The people who were first infected with HIV — gay men and drug users, for example — were thought to be expendable and therefore the government didn’t really respond to the HIV epidemic because the right people were dying,” Sawyer said.June 5, HIV Long-Term Survivor's Day, is a day not just of awareness, but of celebration, Sawyer and Louie explained.

“If someone is isolated at home or for emotional reasons and they’re having trouble getting to the doctor, the buddy program can help and that one-on-one connection can actually help,” Louie said.

But how can you love yourself or expect someone else to love you without first knowing and loving who you are?

How do you live with a positive diagnosis if you were already “not good enough” before that diagnosis?

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I’ve been hospitalized a number of times; I would far exceed the cap and I’m not alone in that. We were too ill to work for a long period of time and that traps people into a life of dependency on social programs and safety nets.