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Tommy Peoples of Donegal is often cited as the leading exponent of the treble, which he executes with great speed and precision.

Whilst most players will only use trebles on a reel, Peoples also uses them whenever he plays jigs.

IRISH SCOTTISH WELSH SCANDINAVIAN KLEZMER BALKAN EAST EUROPEAN POLAND BALTIC HUNGARIAN MIDDLE EAST AND MEDITERRANEAN INDIAN CHINESE MEXICAN CUBAN OLD TIME CAJUN BLUEGRASS JAZZ BLUES ROCK WESTERN SWING CANADIAN _______________ Violins and accessories contact Chris Haigh Irish fiddle music is heard the world over, whether it’s at a trad pub session, where fiddlers and other musicians gather to play for an evening’s fun, or in a professional setting at a ceilidh, concert or festival.

The Irish fiddle tradition has become common currency for fiddlers across the British Isles, Europe, America and beyond, and today some of the finest players are not even Irish by birth.

The grace note is not bowed separately, but slurred into the note it precedes 2. For example a B note (ist finger) on the A string would be preceded by B and D (1,3) or B and C (1,2) 3. Particularly important in jig playing, this turns three quavers, either separate or slurred, into 5 notes.

For example, take a single E note (1st finger, D string), lasting half a bar of 6/8, ie a dotted crotchet.

Because the tunes often change from player to player I think the written versions are deliberately kept vague in case being too specific allows them to become"static".

Many players treat the roll more as a rhythmic than a melodic ornament, with the notes played so fast that they are not heard clearly. A Short Roll is exactly like the long roll, except that the five notes are squeezed into a crotchet instead of a dotted crotchet. For a fiddler, the cran is the equivelant of an open string roll. Instead of hitting the note squarely, the Irish fiddler will sometimes approach the note from below, starting maybe half a semitone down and sliding swiftly and smoothly up to the correct pitch.

Instead of fingering 01030, which would involve string crossing, he will play 0210. The slide is most commonly used at the start of a phrase, and will be applied to just one or two key notes in a tune.

Perhaps the first thing to consider is that, perhaps more so than in any other European fiddle tradition, ornamentation is vital.

Buy yourself a book of fiddle tunes and play through a few.

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An excavation below a house in Christchurch Road in Dublin during the 18th C uncovered what is said to be the oldest actual bow known in Europe, dating from the 11th C, along with a medieval fiddle.

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