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Meshell ndegeocello dating

“What’s great about this record is its accessibility.Sometimes Jaco would do stuff that was hard to comprehend; the song Invitation has a solo that’s so obtuse – unless you’re a hardcore bop guy, you’re not going to have access to what’s going on there.Also, I wasn't really into that stuff as a kid, so for the most part, I'm going with the records that really changed me and informed my approach to the bass when I was growing up." “They’ve got so many great records.The ones that came before this album are a little raw, a little punky.

"Virtuosity can play a role in great music, but everything has to be in sync and have meaning.

Give It Away is another great bassline, and it’s a lot more complicated than people think, specifically a four-phrase pattern that repeats.“It's interesting: The guitar is, for the most part, a background instrument in the band; the bass is usually taking the lead, as it would in a proper funk band.

You can just feel Flea making a quantum leap in arranging and bassline composition on Blood Sugar.

He comes into his own as an artist.” “His live version of The Chicken is on here, and that’s something everybody has played.

There’s a reason for that, because it’s one of the most incredible live bass performances in the history of the instrument.

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But the whole Soul Intro and The Chicken, those are classic lines; they have so many licks that people have ripped off for years and years.“Tive version of Liberty City is really beautiful. My favorite track is Reza, kind of an Afro-Cuban thing in 6/8.

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