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It is these connections that give us a better opportunity to lead active, vibrant lives.

The community partners participating in the Lively Pittsburgh network collaborate in innovative ways to achieve this objective.

Then I came home on leave and we met; and I decided I wanted to come back to civil life, and to eventually marry her.

I came home and got my discharge in 1966, with a 40-day early-out due to my extra time in the combat zone. And all the time, Marcie was pulling me back toward the Church. (Her prayer life was severely disrupted by the radical changes after Vatican II, and even she was no longer a heavily practicing Catholic.) We were engaged Christmas of 1967, and married Memorial Day 1968.

The information gleaned from the six founding agency members as well as incredible research and design contributions from students at Carnegie Mellon University’s HCII program, shed light on our most important findings: aging adults are a highly valuable asset to our communities with a very different idea of retirement than previous generations. Jamie is a physical therapist that has spent the last 10 years in the field of occupational health and wellness.The community partners sponsor activities and groups, provide resources, and promote experiences.They do this with the underlying goal of connecting their community in a meaningful way and supporting the goal of making our region the best age-inclusive place for us to call ‘home’.Learn more at its humble beginnings in the basement of the Oakmont Carnegie Library where it all began in 1966, Riverview Community Action Corporation continues to grow and thrive.Today, this multi-faceted organization promotes community involvement, pride, and awareness through the provision of services and programs that will enhance the quality of life of the residents of Oakmont, Verona and the surrounding communities. At Vintage, we are guided by our mission statement: To Improve and Influence the Experience of Aging in our Community.

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Lively is the place where active adults in the Pittsburgh region go to pursue their passions, share their ideas, and help shape their communities.

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