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The Irish look for both casual and serious relationships as well, but the serious are seen as a natural next step in life after finishing school, when a steady income is being earned.One of the most common “rules” of relationships is concerned with exclusiveness.People from the six following nations participated in the survey: Croatia, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Scotland and Slovenia.The research method included a questionnaire that was distributed among the participants of the Summer School and local Glaswegians between the age of 19 and 30.Germans and Portuguese also commonly go to the cinema on their first dates.For the Irish and Scottish it is not unusual to go out for dinner or to get take-away food.

Emotional progress must generally be made in serious relationships before physical progress is made.This matter cannot be left unsaid if the relationship is supposed to be called serious.An interesting difference in the way the Irish express their interest in other people’s love life in comparison to other countries was found. Concerning the public display of affection, it is generally accepted in most countries as long as it is restricted to holding hands and moderate kissing, with the exception of Ireland.For the purposes of this research casual relationships an be defined as primarily based on the physical aspect of a relationship and are mostly not exclusive.Non-exclusive relationships allow dating more than one person at the same time.

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