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Though light on plot, Saga #26 still has enough bang for your buck in the character department, Staples and Vaughn fleshing out their characters even as they tear them down.

Each story line appears swelled to burst at this point, so here's hoping something pops soon.

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He’s still far from a good guy, especially given the character of his new companions, but there’s more to the grieving father than when we started. Already prone to lashing out, Marko’s emotions hit a fever pitch here, his hold over his anger lessening with each passing day.

His interaction with Yuma is one loaded with meaning, her one word explanation for Alana’s foray into drugs sharper than any knife.

Finally, Gwendolyn, The Brand and Sophie make some headway in their quest to save The Will, though they appear to have attracted some unwanted eyes in the doing.

It’s pretty standard stuff plot wise, the relatively even flow allowing Vaughn to spend more time focusing on his characters.

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