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“I want the daddy without the sugar,” she said with a laugh.

“I don’t want a boyfriend-girlfriend kind of relationship.

“The Bronx,” one replied cheerily, “I’m Puerto Rican.”The other woman was from Ecuador. Later, I learned one-on-one time in the back room was limited to 20 minutes, with a 0 entry fee.‘If it Was Only About Sex They Would Just Look for Prostitutes’Amanda, 25, made me one of her , thimble-sized cocktails (a Heineken was also ) and explained that this was the second “Sugar Baby Mixer” she’d organized.

She frequently referred to the other women there as “models,” some of them experienced sugar babies with profiles on Seeking Arrangement.

Critics have smeared Seeking Arrangement as an online brothel that promotes antiquated male-female relationship dynamics (think Lorelei Lee’s sugar daddy boyfriend in ).

The email subject read “Sugar Baby Mixer,” the details of the invitation vague and syntactically challenged: on Wednesday night in Manhattan, a free-entry “mix and mingle event” promising “close to 20 beautiful Sugar baby [sic], females all ready to get to know you a little better.” There would be drinks and “lite bites,” along with a “space for private one on one dates.” Location and time were disclosed at the bottom of the email.

Today’s “sugar baby” phenomenon is largely associated with Seeking, an unconventional dating site where wealthy men, “sugar daddies,” pay for sex and companionship with young women.

Would she do anything a sugar daddy wanted in exchange for money?

Would she indulge all of his sexual fantasies for cash? She wants to be respected as an entrepreneur rather than objectified by other male entrepreneurs. No amount of money is worth someone who isn’t worth my time.

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I want an arrangement, an understanding.”Later, Lexi had moved to the couch area and was massaging an Orthodox Jew’s chest and thighs.

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