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He was always playing games and going back and forth between the girls with different stories of what they supposedly said, playing the girls off each other. It makes sense if you think about it, because if he's dating seven girls, he doesn't want it to be seven girls against him.

There was one time when, right after I moved in, a bunch of the girls decided that they didn't feel like going out that night so they all banded together and said, "Hef, we don't feel like going out tonight," and there was nothing he could say.

Hef would pleasure himself while watching porn and smoking pot before taking short turns with the girls in the room and then finishing by himself. Ever since I left the mansion about six years ago, I got offers and interest for doing a tell-all book.

All the while, Madison writes, the women around him would "[go] through the motions as if they were getting it on or making out with each other, but no one really was." She adds, "No one was actually in the mood (besides Hef, I assumed) or turned on in the slightest." Madison discussed that and much more from her book on a call with And I wasn't interested at first, so I was like, "No, I don't just want to do a tell-all where I talk about someone else." If I do ever write a book I want it to be my story and my journey and what I learned.

And were you ever able to enjoy one-on-one intimate experiences with him? A lot of the girlfriends in the beginning, most of them had other boyfriends, but it was all kept very hush-hush, and there was a lot of sneaking around.

We had a curfew, we had to be back in at a certain time, and we weren't allowed to have jobs away from so we didn't have lives, really. Did you ever think about trying to find a relationship outside of the mansion?

How do you think it would've been different if you were the only one there throughout the seven years you spent with him?

" But you don't really realize how abusive relationships come about and how people get into them in the first place, and I think that would be a really interesting thing to discuss further — maybe it's something I'll get into in book no. Because I've definitely been in other relationships that were abusive, and I remember when one relationship became abusive, I kind of had that You write that you asked Hef to move into the mansion the night after you experienced the "bedroom routine" for the first time." Or, "Oh, Hef should have married you." As if I had missed out on something, when I was independent, free, and making tons of money on my own and doing really well in my career.And I just couldn't believe that people couldn't see that that was better.Because he went through girls like crazy, and coming from an outsider's perspective, you see the girls living at the mansion and they all seemed so happy.Nobody ever admitted to having sex with him or talked about the bad side or anything like that.

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