Who is eric williams dating

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Who is eric williams dating

The language has no analog of the C and Perl brace syntax; instead, changes in indentation delimit statement groups.And, like most hackers on first realizing this fact, I recoiled in reflexive disgust.The language is commonly estimated to be the CGI language behind about 85% of the “live” content on the Net.Larry Wall, its creator, is rightly considered one of the most important leaders in the Open Source community, and often ranks third behind Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman in the current pantheon of hacker demigods.I had already heard just enough about Python to know that it is what is nowadays called a “scripting language”, an interpretive language with its own built-in memory management and good facilities for calling and cooperating with other programs.

The syntax that had seemed merely eccentric at a hundred lines began to seem like a nigh-impenetrable hedge of thorns at a thousand.

Interested readers can surf to the SNG home page at

I have also written implementations of several odd general-purpose languages on my Retrocomputing Museum page,

At that time, I had used Perl for a number of small projects.

I'd found it quite powerful, even if the syntax and some other aspects of the language seemed rather ad hoc and prone to bite one if not used with care.

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I know over two dozen general-purpose languages, write compilers and interpreters for fun, and have designed any number of special-purpose languages and markup formalisms myself.

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